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114 thoughts on “THE IMPACT – FAN COMMENTS

  1. It was absolutely amazing watching the movie for the second time, to feel the tension of the situations and then the joy that came as the Word moved in her life. The movie is another avenue to establish how incredible it is to know that this can happen when God’s Word is living and real in our lives. Sitting beside some who were watching it for the first time and to see the impact it had on them, was amazing. They truly saw the power that the Word can have in our lives.

  2. This movie was full of excellent teaching, as well as practical application to the things we see and deal with in our everyday lives. It is so great to know the power we have and that we are not helpless in this world.

  3. It was great to see a movie that reveals the spiritual powers going on around us, and what we can do about it.

  4. Thank you for making this movie! It is powerful. It highlights the power of God and His Word!

  5. What an outstanding true story! This movie gave such great visuals and reinforcements to the power of God that we have within us. This film encourages me to spread the Word of God to as many people as I can, because we need this Word more than ever in this day and time of uncertainty.

  6. What an impacting movie! Amazing! I loved it. It is exciting to see the depth of the Word of God held forth in this movie. For anyone that has lived any life has probably experienced or knew of someone that faced similar situations portrayed in this film. This film sets itself apart from the other “feel good” religious movies by giving specific scriptures to thwart the adversary. Powerful! If you have the opportunity to see this movie do whatever you can to be there. I laughed, I cried, I clapped. As a parent, I attended the movie with my teenage children and after the movie I was able to answer questions they had. It was a great opportunity to me to teach and train my kids on spiritual matters.

  7. This amazing and fresh film is chock full of vivid images to help believers remember the power of God we have in us as we learn, believe, remember, and apply God’s Word in life’s (sometimes most challenging) situations! I also loved the multiple reminders that the choices we make have an impact on others, even when we don’t know it. Kept hearing, at last night’s screening in Tampa: “Sure hope they make that available on DVD; I need to see it over and over again!”

  8. We just finished the movie and everyone was blessed. People even clapped (which is highly unusual for military people). I could tell that people were really thinking about the message behind the film. One woman said that she wished that the lights had been on so she could have written notes. Similarly, there were lots of “great movie” and “make sure to thank them (meaning you all) for the film”. Your movie was dynamic, powerful and most importantly exposed the Devil for who he is. I am so thankful for the movie and for how it refreshingly shows the goodness of God.

    I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity. If there is anything that I can provide to you or help you in any way, don’t hesitate to ask.

    God Bless You abundantly.

  9. With GOD there is no fear!

  10. What great glory to God this movie gives! A must see! The movie so wonderfully illustrates God’s great love, power, and deliverance in this true story!

  11. We had a nice size group get the privilege of viewing this movie here in Nashville, and it was superb. It is such a blessing to see the power of God presented so openly to people. At a time when uncertainty seems rampant, people need the solitude and safety of God’s irreproachable Word. This movie really helps to promote the true power, deliverance, and truth that is available for the world.

  12. This is a great movie showing the goodness of our God & the power He has given His children. I encourage you to see it.


  14. We enjoyed the movie yesterday morning in Arlington VA. While most movies are for entertainment purposes this movie depicts the power available from our Heavenly Father when we are willing to do one simple thing, believe the Word of God. Then all things are possible. I want to thank Jim Ellis and Elias Acosta and everone at Vista Films for their labor of love.

    We also had the special treat of hosting Kristen Quintral’s (Linda) parents at our showing. They made it even more special!

  15. We finally saw the movie today in VA and really enjoyed it. Love that this was a true story and hope it continues to inspire others to believe and change their lives…….

  16. We saw the movie tonight in Hutchinson, KS and what an experience! It gave us all a lot to talk about, and we all had our favorite scenes. (And we all kept adding “favorite” scenes to our lists.) I LOVED seeing Linda boldly operate the power of God… but I won’t give anything away! 🙂

  17. I had the honor to be at the private Knoxville, TN showing thursday evening. Was right up my alley on the kind of flims I like very edgey with a great message. ONCE YOU KNOW THE TRUTH NOTHING IN THIS WORLD CAN MAKE YOU BELIEVE OTHER WISE.

  18. The movie was so awesome! My strength was renewed by the deliverance that God brought to the people lives! What a great reminder of our Gods power and graceful love.

  19. Literally just got home from watching it. It was a great blessing to share with others who love God and want to learn more.

  20. Was very blessed to see this movie in Athens, Ga. It was very inspiring to see the spiritual competition portrayed so accurately and plainly. The actors did a great job not overdoing any of the scenes so it gave it a very realistic approachable message. Well done!

  21. I saw this movie last week in Athens and it was so impacting. The way that the truth of the Word was presented was so easy to take in for people of all ages. It hit a lot of issues that people have today and showed how God and His Word can counteract anything the devil tries to throw at us! With God we don’t need to live in fear and we really can’t lose. This movie is phenomenal in showing that.

  22. Wow! Best movie! When I left I felt as if I had been on a roller coaster and so many issues were raised that I face in my life and thought no one ever knew…I was wrong. I can’t say enough good about this movie!

  23. A powerful and inspiring film! Go for it. And don’t forget to bring some of your older kids.

  24. Just saw the film in Athens , GA. What an awesome movie and depiction of the reality of deliverance when one chooses to believe what God declares in His Word. The Word of of God sets people free of fear and spiritual bondage. Thank you for taking a stand and boldly proclaiming the truth 🙂

  25. We just saw the movie this past Saturday night in Athens, GA. It was awesome! It was so refreshing to go to a movie and hear the Word of God accurately depicted.

  26. Greetings! Certainly enjoyed the film, and thank you for communicating God’s Word in a way that can be understood by our culture in this, our day and time. I could list so many aspects that blessed me, but what really shined for me is that the character, Linda, is not portrayed as a “hero.” She is a regular person like me, and was successful in receiving and giving help by purely believing God’s promises–that’s it–no bells or whistles–just simply believing what she was shown from the Word. Without much thought, like letting herself being talked out of it, she simply acted and, yes!, success! God’s will for all of us!

  27. A great depiction of the true spiritual competition that everyone competes in whether they know it or not. And this movie clearly shows it is better to know who you are competing with, and more importantly, how to win! Wonderful job and most thankful I had the privilege to see it…thank you and God Bless!

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